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    So for the past couple of years i have been playing the mmo world of warcraft I started  in wrath of the lich king to the present day now. There have been highs and lows but overall it's been a good experince but unlike other people i will not talk abut the state of the game right now but i will talk about the "people" who played the game when it first came out. But some of these people are the most annoying,inmature, nostalgia blinded people on this earth. You think 90s kids are annoying,you think genwunners are bad you have not seen annoying tell you deal with vallia wow fanboys. They willl never atmate anything is wrong with there prefectly "HARDCORE" game. They will go one and one about how everyone who played the game after them is a casuel who got there hand held though the whole think. Thhey are also complete hypocites because some of the staff the complain about in curret wow they had to do in vaillia 10x worst. Thats the end of this rant no one will read this so there is no point in making a sendoff so that was my rage.
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December 15, 2016


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