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This is a game called indivisible and it needs your help. these game is and action rpg made by lab zero the same people by skull girls they are currently doing an indiegogo campaign to get this game funded and it's not going well. They have a parntership with 505 games and they need 1,500,000 dollars to make the game 505 games will give 2,000,000 more if they reach there goal which will equal 3'500'000 which is how much they need to complete the game. Right now they are siting at 510'000 and need 1'000'000 more. PLEASE spend the word around and donate to this campaign. They have a playable prototype if you want to get a feel for the game and if the campaign fails you get your money back. So please don't be discouaged these people are legit and talentedand i know they will deliver. So let's get this funded